Catching Up: Lost, Loss and Love

I'm baaaaaaack.... Gee, well, that was only a two year break from blogging. Not that bad, right? I'll share more on what's been happening in the weeks and months to come. Today, I just want to blow some dust off the old blog page, catch up a bit and see what happens. Since last I … Continue reading Catching Up: Lost, Loss and Love


On our fourth day in Paris, we awoke early and prepared for our trip to . We had lunch reservations at 12:30 at Les Bouquinistes, a Guy Savoy Michelin star restaurant. It sits on a street corner across from the booksellers who line the banks of the Seine. I really have to get over my … Continue reading DAY FOUR: STAINED GLASS AND STEAMY BOATS

Day Three: Does This Bus Go to the Cemetery?

Have I mentioned my husband planned our trip and each day before we left the hotel, in addition to patching my heels with moleskin, I was asked, "Do you have the itinerary?" Today's itinerary would take us on the ten cent tour of Paris via bus 69. Bus 69 has no A/C and we still … Continue reading Day Three: Does This Bus Go to the Cemetery?


Day Two in Paris included excellent food, war, and hyenas.


I'm going to try to blog each day of the trip to Paris and Versailles for my own sake as much as hopefully someone's reading pleasure or at the very least, travel-tip assist. Let's see if I can remember each day over the next week or two it will take me to think back and … Continue reading ADVENTURES IN FRANCE AGAIN. FINALLY.


It's been awhile since I wrote anything here. It was easier to find things to post about  while going through my cancer and radiation treatments. After that, nothing really seemed worth writing down. I was still recuperating emotionally, I suppose, and feeling a need to have some space to myself. Even if that space was … Continue reading HUMAN AGAIN


While waiting at the AT&T store the other day, I came across a website that has been more entertaining to me than Pinterest. You see, Pinterest is all this perfectly beautiful food, craft projects, closet organization, and lists of delightful and entertaining projects to do with your children over the weekend that include more than … Continue reading HOLIDAY GIFT HELPER


Well, I'm fast approaching my fourth week out of radiation. Still have some itchy skin, and some bizarre throbbing pain every now and then that I assume is a sign of continued healing. They said the radiation would keep affecting me for 2 weeks after we actually stopped, and it did. However,  I was so anxious to … Continue reading DONE


Inquiring minds want to know, so: The actual radiation therapy takes around 3 minutes. Not including getting undressed and dressed again. On Mondays, I visit with the doctor who asks how I'm doing and then tells me to keep applying aloe gel. Riveting, right? Those days the appointment lasts maybe 20 minutes tops, the most frightening part of … Continue reading RADIATION REVELATIONS


Well, I disappeared for awhile into the cancer universe. Time flies when you're having fun! To catch up...  After a month of recovery I met with the MEDICAL oncologist and the RADIATION oncologist. The radiation oncologist told me what my surgeon had.  6 weeks of radiation. Following that, according to my MEDICAL oncologist, I start a prescription I get to … Continue reading HOW MANY ONCOLOGISTS DOES IT TAKE