Oh no, oh no!

My neighbors on Next Door have been reprimanding each other for the vitriol being spewed. As a result, one of my favorite (most obnoxious) neighbors has chosen to leave the site completely! Goodbye, Marsha. You will be missed. We will now start keeping track of how many people are signing off for good. Currently there are 843 neighbors.

Just today there was ANOTHER discussion about how rude people are – I hope your sense of irony is ready for a little exercise.

Title: Stop and read what you wrote before posting – 22h ago


In response to Suzann’s comment this morning about people continuing to leave this forum, I can see why. This should be a friendly and helpful place not a place to put out your opinions and promote your beliefs without any facts to support. You’ve heard the saying that opinions are like XXXX (insert body part here), everybody’s got one!

Take a minute and read what you wrote before posting.   Perhaps YOUR opinion would be better off sent privately than in an open forum.  (How about your opinion was not requested so pipe down?) I almost responded too about this not being the forum for missing animals but I stopped and LET IT GO!

What a waste of everyone’s time to post, read and respond to this pettiness. Go out and do something like meet a new neighbor or pick up trash to better the neighborhood instead of dragging it down. Bet your time would be much better spent!

Well, that’s not going unchallenged. 

Batter up!


 Jo Ann we all should enjoy the freedom that you have- to express ones opinions openly – I respect your right to do that in fact applaud you for doing that. All of us who live here should be free to do that. It is in the spirit of concern for ones view of what one wishes to live around or near that is causing this emotional upheaval. Its not political nor is it directed at anyone by name. My suggestion is if a post does not agree with ones viewpoint or interest then there is a delete button nearby. I use it quite frequently. It works. Dont know how long you have lived in OLH but 27 years is worth something.

Now, I’m not sure where this comes from but the next comment is:


Cats must be on a leash in the City of Dallas.

Uhm, okay. For a minute I thought he was calling them “catty” but unfortunately I was giving him way too much credit.

 Well, Joann is not going to follow her own advice now and ignore Pam. Of course not!


Agreed – everyone has the right to express their thoughts but NOT to attack an individual for their actions, thoughts or beliefs. Many people on here do this and it’s not right. This is supposed to be a forum that promotes a neighborhood spirit not destroy it and when people attack one another – that’s a problem.

I’m not sure if you get my point. If, as grown adults, people cannot figure out how to choose their words in a manner that promotes healthy discussion instead of mean spirited conflict, that too is a problem. Taking a few seconds and choosing the right words make dealing with different people opinions, thoughts and fears will be so much more productive unless stupidity, meanness and closed minds shut down people. I KNOW I am not alone in this thinking.

It shouldn’t matter about length of time in the neighborhood. Common courtesy and respect for neighbors is the issue I am talking about – not pets, not houses. If you are not in tune with what I’m saying, there is a delete button nearby.

So there.

And if you are interested in the leash law – Suzann provides it. http://www.dallasanimalservices.org/city…

Surprisingly, and tragically, Pam must have gone ahead and hit the delete button on Joann, because that’s it.

How dare people be sensible and refrain.

You’ll notice I’m not even adding photos now. It is all about these glorious people and words, words, words. 



The great peacock debate, courtesy of Next Door. Because sometimes people have too much time on their hands and aren’t irritating enough to their neighbors.


Beverly 5d ago
I’m thinking about maybe getting a peacock with a couple of hens with the idea of establishing a free range neighbor flock. They would be noisy, especially during mating season, but fun and beautiful. How do others feel about this idea? I wouldn’t want any harm to come to them.
Thank 4   Reply 43

Who thinks about getting an ostentation of peacocks, I ask you? How are they fun? It’s not like you can ride them. They’re not great at fetch. And where does one acquire them? Is there a peacock area at the Home Depot? How have I missed this? And yes, it is an ostentation of peacocks. There are some other descriptors as well, but I prefer that term for what should be obvious reasons.

Mary   5d ago
I think it is cool as I have seen the flock across the highway. I would only be concerned about traffic as people fly through on these streets. In my opinion and unfortunately, traffic patterns are of huge concern for their safety.

Barry   5d ago
With all due respect, it is not yours or anyone else’s place to introduce a foreign species into our ecosystem without knowing the impact it may or may not have. In your own yard is one thing, but in the wild to roam and breed as they please is another. Some real research should be done before doing something like this.

Hello, peacock party pooper.

Leslie 5d ago
I love the coolness of the idea, however it is not cool for the Peacocks. You would be attracting our beautiful wild coyotes and bobcats to ‘misdeeds’ that are natural living for them.

George 5d ago
Peacock poop and dead carcasses will not beautify the neighborhood …


Jessie   5d ago
It depends. Will they be allowed to jaywalk?

Looky there.  A little throwback to the jaywalking kerfuffle from Part 1.

Gerald   5d ago
As long as the peacocks stay on their leashes, clean up after themselves and are properly trained in the use of side arms, I have no problem with it.

Mark   5d ago
Though gambling is illegal, and I have never done so in my snow-driven life, it would be interesting to wager how long a free-range anything would last here.

Dave 5d ago
Yes!! I love peacocks!!

Keep up Dave, the winds are not blowing that direction.

Lavinia   5d ago
I concur with most of the other responses. Don’t think it’s a good idea. Perhaps not even a sane idea.

Ouch. That could be awkward when you run into each other at the grocery store.

Susan   4d ago
I think that peacocks would be too noisy and difficult to manage — but I hope you’ll keep the ideas coming!! Maybe something to do with local native species, like owls?

Ugh. This is the person who gives everyone a trophy for just showing up.

Jessie   4d ago
I hope those owls jay walk the hell out of the neighborhood.

Hostile, much?

Parker   4d ago
I would really like to see a herd of dwarf fainting goats.

OMG. So would I.

So would I.





The Next Door app discussed in Fun with Neighbors, Part 1, continues to inform and entertain. I believe I mentioned something about Thanking and Flagging in my previous post. “Thank” and “Flag”” are beneath each comment posted.  Sort of like the “Like” “Comment” or “Share” options in Facebook.

Well, I started seeing a lot of people complaining about their comments being flagged. In fact, one of the “Leaders” had to go online and post about it.

Amy 3d
Ok… I thought I might come right out and clarify a few things.
We all hate each other a teensy bit sometimes.

Someone is rude, or insensitive. We say stuff we would often NEVER say if we were standing mere feet away from this other person and their children/spouse, or if we did, we would probably acknowledge that it was something our own mothers might lecture us about for at least the next week…   

This post actually had to be written to adults. You see, if you “Flag” a post, it is referred to the neighborhood “Leaders” to review and potentially delete. Some people are claiming everything they write is flagged. Even the post they wrote about flagging got flagged.


It has since come to light that some people (I’m betting I could pick them out in a line up) believe that by hitting “Flag” it means they “Like” the post or want to save it to look at later. Like in Outlook email. So when they are trying to show support for their neighbor they are actually riling them up until they become a foaming at the mouth, hysterical, fist waving, full fledged nut job.

And let me tell you, it is AWESOME to watch. Now, I think some people do actually intend to “Flag” every post as being offensive. Because they don’t agree with it. Not because it is particularly offensive. Although there are disagreements about what is offensive too.

Don’t you love our country? I TOTALLY do.

I actually read a thread where a woman was defending her use of the term “douche bag.” Some were offended and called her out saying she had no class, or no verbal creativity. Others suggested substitutes like “deuce” or “dirt.”  By the end of the discussion she was reasoning that as a douche is an item used for cleansing, it could be viewed as a positive thing, depending on your perspective.

There are also helpful anti-crime tips like this from Eric:

Keep an eye on your cars/don’t leave anything valuable in them. I accidentally left mine unlocked last night and this morning it had been thoroughly rummaged through. Not technically a “break in”, but clearly someone is in the neighborhood looking for opportunities. I’m on Rogue Street.

I did NOT make up the street name. Ironic, no?

In response someone actually admitted:

Martin  25 Mar 
Same thing on our street. Wife left hers unlocked and the iPad is gone this am.
Thank Flag

Seriously? I would flag this post simply because people should be warned that this couple is simple-minded. What person leaves stuff in their cars these days? Except for my stepsons. <burn>

There are also regular reports of people in hoodies walking down the street. (Can we all agree the hoodie is just a bad fashion choice these days? For anyone?)

In response to a comment about the high crime in the area and a resident’s determination to move away, this conversation took place.

Oh, yes it did.

Lara  10 Mar
I have lived here 11 years and love the neighborhood and the people in it. There are many wonderful individuals who devote countless hours to making this a wonderful community. I appreciate the fact that DPD can’t be everywhere at once. They are not “worthless”, in fact quite contrary. They do an exceptional job with the resources they have. I sleep a whole lot better at night knowing they’re running down murderers, rapists, and drug pushers rather than my power washer. And to Kim specifically: You stated above, “I am mvg to Nola whr I can shoot ppl if needed & don’t hv to worry about any consequences! I am so ovr this nghbrhd& pos house!!! I would nvr buy a hse n this nghbrhd!” If that is truly how you feel, then thank you for moving. Not trying to be snarky. But you are mischaracterizing a great neighborhood. And you are completely ignorant to what DPD really does.
Thank Flag
Kyle  10 Mar
Just trying to clarify- so there’s more crime here, in our neighborhood, than in New Orleans, la? Doubt that

Thank Flag


Kim  10 Mar
Thr is more crime thr but different. When sum1 broke n2 my property Dpd said don’t do anything when we chased em down& said they would do sumthng but did nothing when we r w/in walking distance to the police dept,& came an hr later not even wanting to make a report. Worthless!!!

Thank Flag


Gail  10 Mar
Wait, what?
Thank Flag


Debbie  10 Mar
Lara, should we be good neighbors and help the move take place without a hitch?
Thank Flag

Thanks to Next Door, I bet there was a line of neighbors waving her off on moving day. I’m not sure if each used their whole hand or just one finger, but still…

* Some conversations have been edited to be shorter for publication and frankly, because it wasn’t that great.


For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Next Door is an app I became aware of after I moved to my new neighborhood in October. I was told it is a private group that includes people in your neighborhood who exchange helpful information on lost pets, trash days, suspicious people, pet sitters, good local restaurants, that sort of thing. Helpful, neighborly sorts of things.


Little did I know it was going to be the source of endless entertainment it has become.    If every neighborhood is like mine, I cannot recommend this app more. Or less.

Seriously. Take a look at this little exchange. One concerned neighbor was reminding people that there is a code in the city about using sidewalks. Otherwise, you are jaywalking. He had seen several incidents where people were almost struck by cars that were coming too fast around bends in the road. His post was met with more than 70 responses. I have selected some of the more notable for your reading pleasure. I am changing the names to protect the ridiculous.

Mary  6 Apr
Walking on uneven surfaces (the sidewalks) is so much better for your joints.

Thank Flag

Jim (Original post author) 6 Apr
So is getting hit by a car.

Thank Flag

Gena 6 Apr
Strollers are particularly difficult to drive on irregular sidewalks. Also hard to get up and down curbs when they are too high and without ramps. I use the sidewalks when I can, but there are times when it’s like four wheeling with a sleeping baby. I know it’s hard to put yourself in other people’s shoes, but sometimes there is a reason.
Thank Flag

Jim (Original post author)  6 Apr 
The lake is definitely a viable solution to the baby strollers but walking on the street with the buggy puts all involved in danger and it is still considered jaywalking. There is no need to put anyone in someone else’s shoes it’s about being safe.
Thank Flag

Karen 6 Apr
Half the streets don’t have sidewalks and trust the mom who’s pushing the stroller is very aware of her child’s surroundings how about slow down get off your phone open your eyes and don’t be a jerk.

Thank Flag

Jennifer from  6 Apr 
Well, that suddenly turned nasty.
Thank Flag

Jim (Original post author) 6 Apr
It is so unfortunate that someone was compelled to call me a jerk for a posting that both brings to light something which may warrant a ticket and that which is a safety issue for all.

Thank Flag
Getting good, right?  I mean, WTH? I think we know who is walking in the street putting children at risk now, Ms. Defensive…

And then the cyclist gets involved.

Steve  6d ago 
I bet y’all think that cyclists should ride on the sidewalk, too.
There are a whole bunch of sticks in this thread.
Flag me.
Thank Flag

Jim (Original post author) 6d ago 
Who said anything about cyclists, Steve?
Thank Flag
And then about 20+ posts into this heated debate, some in avid support, some totally against, a jokester felt it was appropriate to post this:
Carol 6d ago
No no no I totally get where he’s coming from and here are a few other Texas laws that as a neighborhood who obviously has a lot of time on our hands I think we need to get out there and really push!
1) It is illegal to sell ones eye.
2) Homosexual behavior is a misdemeanor offense.
3) The Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.
4) When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone.
5) It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing.
6) Up to a felony charge can be levied for promoting the use of, or owning more than six dildos.
7) It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.
8) It is illegal to milk another persons cow.
9) A recently passed anticrime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, eit
her orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.

10) It is illegal to possess realistic dildos in the state of Texas.
Now can we all just get a hobby and use this site for pertinent things:)
Thank Flag

You’d think that would make the group turn on her, but nope.  They are stuck like glue on the sidewalk versus street debate.

Bob  5d ago 
There have been times when I have been as much as several seconds late to my destination due to parents and their children blocking my god-given roadway. Stop the madness – report all jaywalkers to the police so that they may receive their punishments.
Thank Flag

Jim (Original post author) 5d ago
Yes Bob, stop the madness. If we used our God given brain to think of each other’s safety instead of using it for sarcasm perhaps we could drop from #2 in the nation with pedestrian deaths to #50.

Thank Flag
Bob 5d ago
Let’s remember that Texas is the second-most populous state. Accounting for population, Texas is #10 in pedestrian fatalities.

Thank Flag
Jim (Original post author) 5d ago 
Thank you Bob, good to know that people think that some Texas laws have little bearing in residential neighborhoods more so than others and should not be strictly applied. Nice to be able to pick and choose. That’s using the the noggin.
Thank Flag
Here’s a helpful comment that was obviously necessary:
Natalie 5d ago
omeone needs corncob removal surgery
 Jill 5d ago
cranial rectitus can be blinding for sure
Jim (Original post author) 5d ago 
Bob, why do you keep editing your posts? is it perhaps because you know of:
Disorderly Conduct
Texas Penal Code §42.1
It is illegal for anyone to:
o Intentionally use abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language.
o Make an offensive gesture in a public place if it incites a breach of the peace.
o Make unreasonable noise in a public place or abuse or threaten someone in an obviously  offensive manner.
Bob 5d ago
I guess that you couldn’t come up with any rational response to my last post, so you use the power of diversion to change the subject. Figures.
Jim (Original post author) 5d ago
Your comment was so irrational and sophomoric that it didn’t merit a response, Bob. The same way that you resort to using vulgar language to make a point.

Thank Flag

But wait! The late-to-the-party chime in:

Katie 4d ago
wow, How about this? Sometimes people walk in the street, EVERYONE drivers, and pedestrians need to be AWARE. While walking in the street, be courteous, do not take up the entire lane you are walking in, and yield said lane if you hear a car coming. Drive safely around curves in the roads, and above all DON”T BE A DOUCHE to your fellow humans! Geeze as entertaining as this thread has been, it seems a lot of us in the “hood” are very opinionated, and not soo kind.
Thank Flag

Paul 4d ago
What’s the over / under in number of posts before somebody calls somebody else a poopy-face?

Thank Flag

Jane 4d ago 
[I’m waiting for Godwin’s Law to kick in…]
Thank Flag

Lara 4d ago 
Oh Jane, you Nazi… ;)
(*Note that the N-word here was used in jest, in response to the Godwin’s Law reference by Jane, and not meant to offend anyone. I’m sure that Jane is not a ‘Not See’, nor is anyone else in this group. I don’t know who flagged me for this, but I thought the winky smile was enough to indicate that there was no harm intended.
Thank Flag

After that, Jim wisely closed the discussion.

Meanwhile, I think we’ve all learned our lesson. Don’t jaywalk. Or do, if you have baby carriages, a wheel chair or don’t want to step in mud or get fleas. Just don’t let Jim see you do it.

Enjoy your next block party. I know I will.

Tune in soon for a lesson in flagging, peacocks and large trash pick up.