Day Three: Does This Bus Go to the Cemetery?

Have I mentioned my husband planned our trip and each day before we left the hotel, in addition to patching my heels with moleskin, I was asked, "Do you have the itinerary?" Today's itinerary would take us on the ten cent tour of Paris via bus 69. Bus 69 has no A/C and we still … Continue reading Day Three: Does This Bus Go to the Cemetery?


It has been almost three weeks since I’ve been back from London. It took me one week to recover from jet lag, which I’ve been told is ridiculous and abnormal. Meh. I’ve been called worse. Meanwhile, I’ve been reflecting on the many things we experienced whether on purpose or accidentally. There were some things I … Continue reading LONDON OBSERVATIONS


On our last day, we really felt the pressure to accomplish some of the things we hadn't yet. Therefore, we set off to the Borough Market, which was closed the first time we tried, in order to get the infamous grilled cheese sandwich. And oh, what a sandwich it was. The cook dumped in mounds … Continue reading LONDON DAY EIGHT: THE SHOPPING CURSE


I'm proud to say we once again braved the Tube and ended up exactly where we were going. Kensington Palace. This was the childhood home of Queen Victoria and the home of William and Mary. Currently, it also plays host to the Fashion Rules exhibit, which traces the history of the clothing worn by Queen … Continue reading LONDON DAY SIX: WAR AND PEACE


Sandy and I were tired enough last night to go to sleep in a room that was approximately 80 degrees last night. Not exaggerating. Dave and Amy were expected by 9:30 AM to join us on a trip to The Tower. They were also responsible for deciding what sort of Tube tickets we needed for … Continue reading LONDON DAY TWO: THE TOWER


I am rapidly approaching full panic mode. Sandy and I leave for London in 16 days. 16. That's barely enough time for the two panic attacks I'm anticipating. And just to add to the fun and excitement, I am, of course, undergoing yet another ailment of some sort. (As soon as one thing gets fixed, … Continue reading ESTROPACOLYPSE vs. LONDON